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Lent and Easter @Christmas? Just a thought!

I was reading the Catholic Herald issue from Lent 2018 when I came across a small piece of text from Mary Kenny (see below) that made me somehow relate with the idea of how ephemeris our lives are. The fact is that the large majority of us don't spend much time thinking about it and … Continue reading Lent and Easter @Christmas? Just a thought!

Love, Value and Sin. Dont be affraid, your soul will be touched

Yesterday was a very fortunate day for me. I came accross three ideas that made me reflect. They are below and I would like to share it with you all as it touched my soul, and maybe it will touch yours too. On sin: “Does God side with our own narrow notion of salvation being … Continue reading Love, Value and Sin. Dont be affraid, your soul will be touched

Fundamental Theology

From Wikipedia: "...fundamental theology does not directly work towards evangelisation, but rather towards the analysis of where and by what means God brings human beings to assent to his Word"This definition is rather interesting as during the first centuries of the church such as the Patristic and Middle Age - St. Thomas Aquinas is just … Continue reading Fundamental Theology