Sources of Faith

As Catholic deeply involved in the community and in the church I never doubted that the main sources of my faith, intellect and religious knowledge must come from the Catholic Church. This was the case for many years, although life is a journey and eventually my parish priest, Rev. Wiborg Pietra Torres , my friend and my spiritual guide once told me that despite being a catholic, we should understand what other christian groups thinks about our faith and about Jesus.

This opened my eyes to a complete new world and my construction of though today, many years after that conversation, is much wider and I try all I can to have a as much as possible 360 view of the subjects I’m studying.

Lately I’ve been studying the reason why we Christians say Christ saved us on the Cross. I’ve been reading several sources of thought, from catholic, to protestant, to minor religious groups that share their views online and in several documents, books, articles and papers. This is been quite an interesting journey where my faith is also growing.

Spending several months, maybe a year now, dedicated to this study, I’ve come to the conclusion that this journey is not yet completed, although without these multiple sources and different ways of looking, interpreting and thinking the word of the Lord I wouldnt come to the currect undersatanding.

In a very simplistic and resumed way, in the Book of Genesis we can understand paradise was a good place to live in.

Although God advised Adam he could be a happy men there as long he followed a very simple rule: Do not touch on the fruit of that specific tree. Well, we all know how the “story” ends, Adam ended up disappointing God that expelled him and Eve from paradise.

Disobedience, disappointment and sadness was born on that time. Sin, and I don’t like the word, I prefer call it fault against God’s rules, was born in that moment.

Adam is the father of sin and of all Humanity, he is also the father of fault against God. And that fault passed to us his sons as inheritance. We are the heirs of the original fault of our father Adam.

No man by himself can atone for that fault.

John 3, 16-36 says that God in His Infinite mercy sent to this world His son to save us and have eternal life. In the cross Jesus, man and God made the atonement for our fault that we by ourselves could never be able to achieve.

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